Business Freedom

The handful of processes
every small business
needs to systemise.

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Do you spend a lot of your time with daily business tasks that could be handed off?

Most small business owners started out with one primary goal in mind: Freedom! To do what you want to do in the time you want.

Yet many are trapped in mundane day-to-day tasks, working the longest hours in their own business. It is like working a job again, and it sure feels like it.

They know that they need to hand off some, if not most, of the tasks to an assistant or employee and they might even have tried.

However, to hand tasks over to an assistant effectively, you need a good process description, that can be followed without the need to keep coming back for your help.

This is what systemising your business will do for you. But it is sometimes hard to take the first step. There are so many tasks and how do you prioritise them? To get you started, here are some processes we found working in almost any business and that we have documented already.

You just take them, customise them to your needs, hand them over to somebody else, and start spending your precious time on something you really want to do.