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How to work with the "Critical Client Flow" collection of systems templates

You might ask, what is a “Critical Client Flow”?

Well, there are hundreds of processes in a business and when it comes to systemising them, you’ll have to prioritise in order to generate a ROI for your systemisation efforts and not be overwhelmed.

So the question to ask becomes: What are the 20% of the systems that drive 80% of the results?

What we found with most of our customers is that these are the client-facing processes – from making sure the client knows about you, via the sales process and onboarding, to delivery and billing. All these have to be in place to allow your business to generate income. The cycle of these processes we call the “Critical Client Flow” or CCF.

So if you want to make progress in your systemisation efforts, start with these dozen or so processes.

What we also found is that no matter how unique your business is, you’ve got to master the handful of processes that are in the CCF and that amazingly they are often very similar for different businesses.

After all, every business got to:

  • attract potential clients
  • convert them to be clients
  • onboard them¬†
  • deliver their product or service
  • take money for it
  • and repeat the cycle

And there are proven ways of doing this. So here we have documented some of the best systems in the form of templates that you can take, adapt and use.

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Take it One Step Further

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to do things right. Not so much because I wanted to be the best, but because I felt that things should be easier than they often are. It drives me forward to discover another way to become better. What I found is that often the best way to achieve this is to keep things simple.

This usually brings matters to a natural conclusion. You can always find another way to complicate things, but you are done with making things simpler at some point. And it is often obvious when that happens as its beauty starts shining through.

When I discovered the methodology that is behind the “System to Systemise Your Business”, I immediately loved the beauty of its simplicity.

I started to implement this in my own business and now help other business owners on their way to complete business reliability through systemisation.

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