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Here is the amount of money you leave on the table every year for not systemising your business:

I don’t know if this number surprises you. But more importantly, how does this address your questions:

  • Is now the right time to invest in systemisation?
  • How much return on my investment can I expect?

Let’s look at questions these in turn.

Is now the right time to invest in systemisation?

First of all, you are running systems – steps repeated again and again that lead to predictable results –  if you are aware of them or not. If you are running a successful business, chances are that these systems are solid.

Is systemisation, i.e. documenting these systems and optimising them a good idea? Absolutely. Especially if you are running a successful business.

If on the other hand you are still looking to find traction in the market and changing the way you go about your business on a weekly basis documenting every step is probably not very effective. A good indicator is, if you are about to employ somebody or are planning to delegate some of the work you do, it is a good idea to document your business systems. How would you otherwise communicate what needs doing?

How much return on my investment can I expect?

Now, the number above on what upside potential systemisation has for your business is only half of the truth.

The other half is the size of the investment. And that can range from just you learning about it during your spare time to somebody coming in and doing the systemising for you. It really comes down to the amount of progress you want to achieve over a given period of time and the effort you are prepared to put in yourself.

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