“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.”

Lemony Snicket

Must read books on systemising your business

This is the book that will change your business and life forever. If you are happy plodding along with your average business or want to just set up a little lifestyle business - don't read this book! However, If you really want to understand your business and learn how to grow it read this book! And read it again and again and again. This simply is the best small business book you are ever likely to read.

Leigh P.

For 20 years as a business owner, I have stumbled around, some good years some bad, a lot of inconsistency. Realised the teachings in E Myth Revisited provided the clues to success. Delayed taking action, there was always an excuse. Now moving with creating and documenting our systems, following the excellent guidance of Dave Jenyns contained withing this book. It's so easy to read. Golden nuggets of wisdom on every page. Please don't hold back on buying this and wasting 20 years of your life, like i did.

Pete Fraser

Absolutely fantastic book. Amazing, we follow Gino's processes in our workplace and it's a brilliant system that really works. He explains everything so clearly in this book and it's such an easy read for such a factual book. Recommend this book to anyone in business, no matter how big or small!


Love to see original thought in business and personal books and this certainly succeeds in that. As a bonus it is presented in a very readable and at times very humorous manner, nothing stuffy or hard to digest about this author. It really does work, as a veteran of a business for 18 years that I was finding hard to extract myself from, this has provided a well thought out path to follow. My 4 week holiday in February 2020 with zero contact with my business is booked in. Feels good.

Harbour Lights Falmouth UK

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