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Resources for the eBook:

“20+ Easy Actions You Can Take Today To Free Yourself From A Crammed Schedule in Your Business”


Pillar #1: Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time.

Books and Videos on ketogenic dieting and eating for energy

One of the best books I read on how your eating impacts your energy is “Head Strong” by Dave Asprey.

The ultimate source that goes deep on the topic of dieting for weight loss, longevity, and performance is the YouTube channel of former Olympic athlete and holistic doctor Dr. Sten Ekberg. It is the best in-depth explanation on how to properly do ketogenic dieting and intermittent fasting.

Pillar #2: Five Steps to Your Power Schedule


Pillar #3: Dealing with Distractions

Apps or productivity tools that you can use to control the exposure you get from websites or social media apps

RescueTime – an app that works on mobile and across different computers you use to keep track of your daily activities and a way to enforce quiet time.

Pillar #4: Delegating and Outsourcing

A calculation tool to determine what the hourly value of your time to outsource is.

Link to the tool on Google Drive.


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