Where do you store your business systems?

Have you started to document your business processes, yet? How much thought have you put into the location where to store your systems?

The intuitive approach for many is to start on a hard drive of a local server – somewhere in the file system, perhaps having a spreadsheet or database to help to index. As soon as you have done a few systems – you’ll realise that it is time to look for a document management solution. You want something that is able to handle different types of files, makes it easy to find and manage the documents, and you want it to be secure – after all, we are talking about the “crown jewels” here, the detailed and specific blueprint of how you do your business most successfully, the intellectual property that justifies a higher valuation of your business.

Here is a question – do you trust a cloud-based solution or would you rather keep your systems on a local server? Costs, security, and independence are some of the factors that determine your choice. Check out this article for more factors that might influence your decision.

Let me know more about the reasoning behind your choice in the comments.

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