Are you still Doing all the busy work in your business?

Or have you already hired people to pass on some of that workload? If you have, you will already have discovered the fine line between Deciding and Delegating. The most notable difference between the two being that if you are the decider still, your workload will most likely not have decreased very much, to the point where you might even be wondering why you have employed people to take on that work in the first place.

Let's face it, if you are making all the decisions important to your business yourself, then the more people you employ the more decisions you will need to make at any time.

A vicious circle that will burn you out sooner or later.

Now, Delegation on the other hand will give your employee the freedom to Decide what to do within clearly defined boundaries. That will allow him or her to grow with the task and it will save your sanity.

But let’s be very clear about this – Doing the busywork, as well as Deciding and Delegating all have their place in a well-functioning business. In fact, you getting the work Done and Deciding their problems is what makes your customers happy and ultimately come back to you for more.  But every serious business should strive to accomplish reliability and growth and in order to do that you have to find a way to remove key people dependencies and bottlenecks in your business – that is ultimately to free people to do what serves the business best – and yes, that is particularly true for you – the business owner.

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So the million-dollar question becomes: how do you Delegate effectively?

In order to effectively delegate and to get all the work done, so that you can achieve complete business reliability you need systems. And not just systems as that. Systems need to be Designed to do the job efficiently, need to be documented, and need to be followed. In short – you need a systemised business.

So let's rephrase the question: How do you systemise your business such that you achieve complete business reliability, remove bottlenecks, increase the value of your business, and save your life outside of business.

You do want to have a life outside of your business, don't you?

The truth is, it is fairly simple but not so easily done. Every business is running systems. Good systems or not so good systems. Perhaps not consistently and maybe they are not so well documented. But you had systems to take you where you are now. Perhaps you have grown and systems need updating.

However, are these systems documented and followed? Are they executed efficiently every time and deliver a reliable result without overly depending on the people applying them?

If yes, congratulations! You have a systemised business. If not, don’t despair! Luckily, there is a system to systemise your business that has been applied successfully on hundreds of businesses worldwide. We can help you to apply this exact system to your business and get similar results as the customers you can listen to in the testimonials section.

*The 4Ds of business systemisation: Do, Decide, Delegate, and Design go back to the excellent book “Clockwork” by Mike Michalowicz. Check it out in our recommended reading section.

On this site, we are offering three main pathways to systemising your business



You don't have time for systemising your business or you have tried before and got stuck. Get one of our specialists documenting for you and advise you one-on-one in implementing systems in your business.



You learn best in a workshop setting where you can exchange with other like-minded business owners on your experiences and learn together the best practices to systemise your business.



You just need some guidance and the tools to do it yourself. We offer a membership package facilitating access to a dedicated portal for managing your systems, training and the most important templates to get going at your own pace.

… and we find out together what option is best for you  and determine what fits the circumstances of your business most.

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