Discovery Session

£0.00 20 minutes

This session is intended to clarify your needs as a business owner, answer any questions you might have, and determine the fit for the services that we offer.

Initial Time Investment: 20 MIN

Important note: After booking the appointment, make sure you proceed to the cart and checkout page to finalise the booking, even if the cart value is zero.

Spend twenty minutes on a call with a trained systemisation expert to find out where on the journey to a fully systemised business you are. What are the bottlenecks that keep holding you back in your business? What are the best options to overcome them? When is the best time to act? What are the boundary conditions that make systemisation your best option?

We will be able to assess your situation based on the experience that has been accumulated with the extensive application of a proven systemisation framework to hundreds of businesses in a wide range of fields. You will walk away with a clear road map of actions you can take to make your business perform more reliably, remove key people dependencies, scale the business if you wish to do so, and increase its value (even without scaling it further). And the best part of systemising your business: free up your own time as a business owner to finally do what you have put off for so long – be it to realise plans for your business that you had in the back of your mind for years or to spend more time with friends, family or pet projects.


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