Effortless by Danny Iny

I believe it was Robin Sharma – a great author himself – who looked at a hundred of the most successful people in the world of business and found that one of the things they all had in common was that they were integrating reading into their daily habits: “Ordinary people have big TV’s. Extraordinary people have big libraries.” were his words and “Read great books daily!” his advice.

On my website/blog, I review books regularly with a particular focus on great books for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Here is a great little book by Danny Iny, called Effortless. It homes in on the question: How could you possibly have rapid or exponential growth if it’s an uphill battle to secure every sale? Yet this book is not just about sales.

He presents his three-levered Effortless Business Growth Model in a way that goes much deeper than just how to sell your products or services. There’s what customers want (and the Obvious Offer lever), there’s who they want it from (and the Resonant Identity lever), and there’s how they want to get it (and the Intuitive Path lever).

I found particularly the second lever – Resonant Identity – interesting. When you look at successful businesses – you will find that they all made this an integral part of their business: an identity that is resonating with their customers. And that is what I also find in my work again and again – your own identity is like a lens that lets you magically see which of the tasks in front of you need your personal attention and touch in order to make your business unique and ultimately successful.

And the best part about it? Cultivating your resonant identity makes your work with customers so much more – Effortless. So, if you want to know how to get a perspective on your identity and how it resonates with your customers, check out Danny’s book. And for you time-strapped business owners, I have prepared a special cheat sheet, where I captured some of the wisdom in this book. Click here to get it.


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