Saving Time Is Impossible

Let’s face it “Saving Time” is a concept that doesn’t work. Did you ever wonder at the end of the day where all the time went? Did you notice that someone who spent all day on the couch might be asking that same question, as does the busy manager who hurried from one meeting to the other all day? And even when you applied all the latest “time management” techniques, at the end of the day there is not a millisecond left.

Time-saving really can’t work. That is because time is not a resource that you can control, put aside, come back to, or anything else of that nature.

Yet, the English language is full of sayings like: “I’ll make time for that”, “Time is our biggest asset”, “Let’s save us some time” but they are all just misleading shortcode for something else. I don’t mean misleading with bad intentions, it is usually well-meaning – in the end, it is just that the concept is flawed.

Time is more like an endless road stretching in front of you – a one-way street actually. It never ends, you walk it perpetually. Sure you could be trying to run, but at some point, you got to catch your breath – metaphorically speaking. So on average, you move at a certain speed. And in the end, it doesn’t matter how fast you walk it. What matters are things like the landscape by the wayside, the sights, the people walking with you …

So when people say things like: “This is saving you a lot of time”, they actually mean something else. Which is fine. Everybody is saying these things and most people intuitively get it. The trouble is, if you don’t explain what you mean, people might misunderstand.

If you started reading this post, because you were hoping to find ways to free yourself from a crammed schedule in your business, don’t despair. I just happened to write a short book about it. You will find it here.

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